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Sonney Mizuho
7 hrs ·

「いろは講 109」
“Iroha Lecture 109”

Are you a good person?

Or is it a bad person?

“Iroha” does not matter about good or evil.

There is no separation in “Iroha”.

Because all life coexists and prosperates in the universe.

You must not decide good and evil at your discretion.

Even if it exists like a demon or insect, there are reasons to live.

If you look at the natural world it will be obvious.

Even an invisible bacterium, even a terrible beast, is an important existence.

However, for the human spirit, the “Iroha Space Law” is covered.

The evil spirit is not allowed to enter heaven because of its dirtiness and weight.

Would that be okay?

This is the law of the universe.

It is you who judge you.

Happy to those who understand!
Sonney MizuhoYesterday at 4:01 AM
「いろは講 108」
“Iroha Lecture 108”
The spirit of the spirit, the goddess of the moon.
That is the mother ‘s god “Iroha”.
The moon is a mirror reflecting the sun.
The spiritual sun is reflected in the spiritual moon inside the Earth.
The sun and the moon resonate each other and make up the ground world.
However, the sun is active, but the moon is passive.
The spirit of the father of the sun god is born as time passes.
It means to be born in the earth world as a child of Moon God.
Buddha and Christ were the sons of Maya and Maria and at the same time were the sons of Iroha.
Buddha and Christ are the sun gods, Maya and Maria are Moon Gods.
Buddha and Christ are from the divine world of “Hifumi”, and Maya and Maria are birthers from the divine world of “Iroha”.
Therefore Buddha and Christ are the same god, Maya and Mary are the same god.
In Hinemoto we call Buddha and Christ “Izanagi”, Maya and Maria “Izanami”.
The presence of Buddha and Christ together is called “Miroku”.
This is Maitreya.
Would that be okay?
Sonney MizuhoFebruary 17 at 7:43 AM
「いろは講 107」
“Iroha Lecture 107”
“Iroha” ‘s love is deeper than the sea.
“Iroha” ‘s love is wider than the sea.
Because of mother who birthed us.
Think of this great universe.
We are kept alive in that bosom.
No matter how advanced an alien it is a child of “Iroha”.
We share equally “Iroha” science and technology.
This is the science and technology that God gave.
It awakens by the spiritual evolution of the Earth’s human race.
That era is coming soon.
Are you ready?
Let’s go together to a world I have never seen before.
Would that be okay?
Sonney MizuhoFebruary 16 at 3:40 AM
「いろは講 106」
“Iroha Lecture 106”
We say fine weather is “Nipponbare”.
“Nippon” is about Japan.
“bare” means “sunny” because “hare” has changed.
So say such a scenery of the photograph as “Fuji is sunny, Nippon Sunny”.
“Sunny(HARE)” means that there is no darkness.
This is the heart of Hinomoto.
There is neither cloudiness nor secret.
Therefore, “Iroha” has no cloudy or secret.
My wish is to enlighten Hinomoto’s “Iroha” in Japan and the world.
May Fuji be sunny and the world be sunny.
I wish this heart will surely reach the world!
Sonney MizuhoFebruary 14 at 10:40 PM
「いろは講 105」
“Iroha Lecture 105”
Who are you?
99.9% of the world’s human race is brainwashed or managed.
The person who brainwashes is a person who is brainwashed.
The managers are those who are being managed.
There was no one with a free heart.
There was no one with a free heart.
So you are involved in tremendous dark organizations.
Everything, politics and religion is now contaminated.
Therefore “Iroha” appeared at the end of the world.
The leader leading you is lying to you.
For those who brainwash and control you, you are money.
You are a tool of evil to provide money.
Everything from a standing person to a person corresponding to the bottom is incorporated into the bad pyramid.
The eyes of “Iroha” will not be cheated.
The symbol is ⦿.
This is Hinomoto.
Everything in the universe lives in “Iroha”.
Happy to those who live in “Iroha”!
Would that be okay?
Sonney MizuhoFebruary 13 at 7:27 AM
「いろは講 104」
“Iroha Lecture 104”
“Iroha Space Law” is established in two inseparable areas.
“Hifumi” and “Iroha”.
“Hifumi” has no time and space.
“Iroha” is a finite universe with time and space.
It resembles the center axis of a frame and a disk.
Is the center of the axis turning?
Is there an area there?
This may be a very esoteric physical question.
“Hifumi” is paternal, “Iroha” is maternal.
“Hifumi” is also the son of “Iroha”.
“Hifumi” has intention and program of cosmic creation.
“Iroha” is a cosmic realism to realize it.
“Iroha” spare no effort for that purpose.
If the whole universe is “Iroha”, “Hifumi” is one point.
In Hinomoto this one point says “Miroku”.
The new earth civilization starts here.
Would that be okay?
Sonney MizuhoFebruary 12 at 7:07 AM
「いろは講 103」
“Iroha Lecture 103”
The spirit of goodness and the spirit of evil live together at this earth school.
The distinction is made to be indistinguisha.
In ancient Japan to say that “Saniwa” to judge it.
The highest institution of “Saniwa” is a sealed god “Golden God of USHITORA.”
This god is still contained in the direction of Northeast (NE).
The northeast of the world is Japan.
The northeast of Japan is Hinomoto.
The mechanism of God and the direction of the spirit are in Hinomoto which is sealed.
All the god mechanisms will become apparent from Hinomoto.
That’s “Iroha”.
Sonney MizuhoFebruary 11 at 10:29 AM
「いろは講 102」
“Iroha Lecture 102”
I give warning to friends in the world.
Friend, do you know that it is in a serious situation now?
It is a nonsustentable catastrophe occurring on a global scale.
Life to survive will be few.
It is because there is a loss of earth protection shield due to reversal of geomagnetism.
Why is this time?
Your body and spirit are gathered in this earthly world.
Both good and evil are all.
Because this earth is a place of learning and a place of judgment.
It is a catastrophe since Noah’s ark.
You are classified according to each spiritual qualities.
Those who enter the Kingdom of God, those who disappear from outer space, those who survive on the ground.
What is different from the past is that there is no hell.
There is a tough judgment saying that there is not even hell.
In other words, you can not give opportunity for rehabilitation.
So far the spirit who can not graduate from earth school went to hell.
The moon world will be renewed to the next era.
There is no longer an old mother god ‘s world.
It is renewed in “Iroha”.
That’s why Hinomoto’s “Iroha” is a “law ship” of relief.
Would that be okay?
「いろは講 101」
“Iroha Lecture 101”
“Iroha lecture” finally reached the 101st time.
From this time on, I will try to change it to a new atmosphere to commemorate it.
Because I thought that I wanted to drill down a little more “Iroha”, also at different angles, and even closer to the person seeking.
I would like to express my gratitude to share my research achievements with the rest of the world with pleasure.
I hope that it will be a “light” in the confused world.

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t’s beautiful!
The cycle of 14 moons is the backbone of “Cosmic Sound”.
14 is called “Toyo” at Hinemoto.
“Toyo” refers to Mother God.

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There is no map in the forest of “Iroha”.
Just the voice of God will echo.
There is no fear.
Because it is your nostalgic mother.
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Let’s sail now.
I can not stay here.
I hear the voice of “Iroha”.

Sonney Mizuho
“Iroha Lecture91-100”
日本文と英文のまとめ Summary of Japanese sentences and English
「いろは講 91」。「いろは」は地球生命救済のために天より授けられし律法である。私利私欲のためにこれを奪おうとする者あらば宇宙の藻屑と化す。無私の心で伝える者は幸いなり。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 91”. “Iroha” is bestowed from heaven to save earth life, and it is law. Anyone who intends to deprive this for self-interested greed will turn into the algae of the universe. Blessed are those who transmit with a selfless heart. Sonney
「いろは講 92」。「いろは」は最後の神仕組。ヒノモトから世界へと発信される。なぜならば、ヒノモトには宇宙言語が備わっているからだ。それを「ひふみ」と言う。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 92″”Iroha” is the last god structure.From Hinomoto to the world.Because Hinomoto has a space language.We call it “Hifumi”.Sonney
「いろは講 93」科学技術で地球生命を救うことは時間切れとなった。地球支配者の怠慢ゆえに彼らの責任は大きい。今後はタマシイの救済のために「いろは」が大きく前進せねばならない。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 93” We are out of time to save earth life with science and technology. Because of the negligence of earthly rulers, their responsibility is great. In the future, “Iroha” must make a big step forward for spiritual salvation. Sonney
「いろは講 94」ヒノモトの「いろは」は隠されていた。宇宙の奥深く普遍なる水の如き世界の源泉は歴史の闇に封じられてきた。それを呼び覚ますのが神の仕組みなり。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 94” Hinomoto’s “Iroha” was hidden. The source of the world like the universal water deep inside the universe has been sealed in the darkness of history. It is the mechanism of God to awaken it. Sonney
「いろは講 95」どこから来てどこに帰るのか。それを思い出すのが「いろは」の旅である。故郷の父と母はあなたの帰りを待っている。あなたは神の子!Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 95” Where do you come from and where will you go? It is a trip of “Iroha” to remember that. Our father and mother are waiting for your return. You are a child of God! Sonney
「いろは講 96」終わりの日が近づくと、数多くの宗教や方法論が出てくる。だが宇宙法則は一つしかない。常に自分を律し正すことが必要だ。同じ過ちは繰り返すな!Sonney
“Iroha lecture 96” As the closing day approaches, a number of religions and methodologies come out. But there is only one cosmic law. It is necessary to always rule and fix ourselves. Do not repeat the same mistake! Sonney
「いろは講 97」科学は宇宙法則、宗教も宇宙法則。今まではそれらに隔たりがあった。21世紀は科学と宗教が一致する時代。それが「いろは」である。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 97” Science is the cosmic law, religion is cosmic law as well. Until now there was a gap between them. In the 21st century, science and religion are in agreement. That is “Iroha”. Sonney
「いろは講 98」あなたを生んでくれた親がいるのに、あなたはまるで孤児のようだ。あなたは「いろは」に出会うことにより、帰る家を見つけたのだ。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 98” Although you have a parent who gave you you, you are almost like an orphan. By finding “Iroha” you found a house to return home. Sonney
「いろは講 99」現在。太陽の磁極が4極になった。それから反転に向かう。地磁気の逆転はそれと連動して起こる。2035年の小惑星大接近が引き金であろう。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 99” Currently. The magnetic poles of the sun became four poles. Then it is going to reverse. The reversal of geomagnetism occurs in conjunction with it. A close planet of 2035 will be the trigger. Sonney
「いろは講 100」 ⦿は宇宙の調和を表すマークである。私たちは〇と・を理解し生活に応用することで飛躍的な発展を遂げることが可能だ。100を記念してヒノモトからのプレゼント!Sonney
“Iroha lecture 100” “⦿” is a mark representing the harmony of the universe. We understand 〇 and · and apply it to daily life, it is possible to achieve dramatic development. In commemoration of 100 it is a present from Hinomoto! Sonney

“Iroha” is the last prescription of the crazy Earth.
I lose my words.
Standing on this miserable earth.
However, I can not make it give up.
Because there is a life to love there.
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“Iroha” shines in the night sky!

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Cosmic Light
“Iroha” has a color.
It is the color of light.
Yes, we call it “Cosmic Light”.
When mixing the three primary colors of light it becomes colorless and transparent.
That is, it can be said that it is white light.
“Iroha” is based on seven sounds.
Seven scales, for example “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si”.
“Iroha” In Cosmic Sound, playing all seven sounds will result in white light.
This is the cosmic law.
Would that be okay?
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“Iroha” is the perfection of “Hinomoto” beauty.
There is no waste at all.
Simple and beautiful is this.
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“Iroha” is sound and light.
Sound and light can not be separated in the root of the universe.
God’s Space Law is the root of the creation of the universe.
Everything started from here.

Sonney Mizuho
Israel・ Hinomoto・ God’s lamb

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Gifts from God
There are deep reasons for “Iroha” to exist in this world.
It is because the light has to be presented beyond any barrier in this age of confusion.
Otherwise mankind will lose his way to the street and it will be destroyed.
This is the grace of God that bore you.
If you understand this, you will cry in joy.
At the same time you mourn for yourself.
You appeal to God and cry like a baby.
Because that is your reborn process.
“Iroha” will call on you to live a new life.
“Iroha” is the hometown of the heavenly father and mother.
“Iroha” is the last gift from God.
Blessed are those who listen to this voice.
May your life be filled with harmony and peace!

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“Iroha” is the cross.
I carry on the back in the desert.
It’s almost dawn.
Just walking alone.
Because the world is waiting for the sunrise.

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The way to ancient times, that is “Iroha Way”.

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“Iroha” and the fate of the earth are united.
I have been promoting “Cosmic Sound” from July 17, 1989.
It is just about 
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paper service thirty years this year.
What do you think?
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三つの世界~Three worlds.
There are three worlds in the universe.
A world where one becomes two and two becomes three.
In Hinomoto of God one is two and three are also three.
In the West and modern society one plus two is three.
However, in Hinemoto which continues from ancient times, one is two and three.
This is an important point completely different from the present age.
The universe does not increase, it does not decrease.
It is a world where fruit is born.
Hinomoto’s spiritual trinity ranges widely.
Sun, Moon, Earth.
Father, Mother, Child.
Gods, Spirit, Phenomenon .
Fire, Water, Earth.
These three are the same as they seem different.
We are confused because we do not know this.
Would that be okay?
We join together Kumitama, a Human Network, praying together once a month to raise the vibration of Earth. The magnetic pole shift effecting Earth with continue for some years. In that time we must continue to raise the Consciousness of all sentient Beings on Earth.
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New full moon
The era of new “Iroha”.
It came with the full moon.
My mother is seeking relief of life.
Beyond the old dead.
Science, religion, everything that deceives humans.
Mankind can not stay here.
Spiritual relief is in “Iroha”.
Let’s put you on a ship of the Space Law “Iroha Maru”.
Are you ready?
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“Iroha way” is a promised road
I’m surely coming home.
How many years passed since then?
Looking for the voice calling by an old mother
I will listen to you today as well.
Try walking the last time
You will surely come and pick me up
I can not wait for my smiling father and mother

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I will carry my mother back to my father.
Hinomoto is where my father and mother are together.
It is “Taka-amahara”.
The dawn of “Hifumi Iroha” came.

Sonney Mizuho
“Iroha Lecture81-90”
日本文と英文のまとめ Summary of Japanese sentences and English
「いろは講 81」。「いろは」は数字で表すと168である。日本においてこの発音も168(いろは)であるが、中国語でも一路發(いろは)と言う。成功への一本道という意味だ。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 81”. “Iroha” is 168 when expressed in numbers. In Japan this pronunciation is also 168 (Iroha), but even in Chinese say Iroha. It means one way to success. Sonney
「いろは講 82」。「いろは」とはマザーアースの事を言う。古代イスラエルの人はヘブライ語で神を「エロハ(ELOHA)」と言ったが、これは「いろは」と同義語である。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 82”. “Iroha” refers to mother earth. In ancient Israeli people said God as “ELOHA” in Hebrew, but this is a synonym for “Iroha”. Sonney
「いろは講 83」。「いろは宇宙律」とは「統一場理論」の根幹である。「いろは」という一般相対性理論は「ひふみ」という量子力学を内在する。sonney
“Iroha lecture 83”. “Iroha Space Law” is the backbone of “Unified Field Theory”. The general relativity theory called “Iroha” inheres quantum mechanics called “Hifumi.” sonney
「いろは講 84」宇宙は海のようである。「いろは」は愛の海である。全ては繋がっていてあなたは水の一滴。あなたの変容が世界を変える。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 84” The universe is like the sea. “Iroha” is the sea of love. Everything is connected and you are a drop of water. Your transformation changes the world. Sonney
「いろは講 85」ヒノモトは有限宇宙〇(丸)の「いろは」と無限宇宙・(点)の「ひふみ」を統合したところ。組織ではない。科学と宗教の分け隔てもない。これまでの事は通用せぬ。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 85” Hinomoto is the result of integrating “Iroha” of finite universe ○ Maru) and “Hifumi” of infinity universe · (point). It is not an organization. There is no separation between science and religion. I will not pass past things. Sonney
「いろは講 86」有限宇宙なる「いろは」はミクロからマクロまでの全ての次元において相似である。その中心点には全ての事象に共通の「ひふみ」がある。ミクロとマクロは共通した「ひふみ」で繋がっている。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 86” The finite universe “Iroha” is similar in all dimensions from micro to macro. At its center point is “Hifumi” common to all events. Micro and macro are connected by common “Hifumi”. Sonney
「いろは講 87」。「いろは」はヒノモトの主点から開くことが神界で定められている。その存在は「ひふみ」から人間界に降ろされているからである。誰もが勝手にしてはならぬ。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 87”. It is set in the god boundary that “Iroha” opens from the main point of Hinomoto. Its existence is dropped from the “Hifumi” to the human world. Everyone should not do so. Sonney
「いろは講 88」先端科学を自認する者がなぜ量子力学から目を背け逃げようとするのか。量子テレポーテーションは既に実現しているではないか。数式の及ばない神の技術がある。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 88” Why do people who recognize advanced science try to escape their eyes from quantum mechanics? Quantum teleportation has already been realized. There is God’s technique that is beyond mathematical formulas. Sonney
「いろは講 89」時間と空間のない領域は「ひふみ」。宇宙の隅々まで「ひふみ」が張り巡らされている。これは究極の宇宙技術となる。神の「ヒノモト」はここより始まる。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 89″The area without time and space is “Hifumi.””Hifumi” is stretched all the way to the corners of the universe.This is the ultimate space technology.God’s “Hinomoto” starts here.Sonney
「いろは講 90」神に不満を言わず、神に従順である者が「いろは」の同志である。ただ必要なのは義務なり。神の仕事は自ずと与えられる。これが神の道!Sonney
“Iroha lecture 90” A person who is not complaining about God and who is obedient to God is a comrades of “Iroha”. It is mandatory that we only receive it. The work of God is naturally given. This is God’s way! Sonney

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The area without time and space is “Hifumi.”
“Hifumi” is stretched all the way to the corners of the universe.
This is the ultimate space technology.
God’s “Hinomoto” starts here.
The area without time and space is “hifumi”.
The area without time and space is “Hifumi.”
The “Hifumi” is covered up to every corner of the universe.
“Hifumi” is stretched all the way to the corners of the universe.
This will be the ultimate space technology.
This is the ultimate space technology.
God’s “-” starts here.
God’s “Hinomoto” starts here.
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When I was young, I lost my life and found “Cosmic Sound”
Even now “Iroha” springs from the depths of my life.

“SIMBOLOS MAYAS” EL NUEVO MENSAJE.4 de Junio 2018, Inglaterra. Después de un fin de semana “Intenso”, en donde una fuerte Erupción del Volcán de Fuego de Guatemala ha dejado perdidas de vidas humanas, y un imparable Kilauea que no deja de avanzar. En Inglaterra son reportados este domingo dos Círculos aparecidos simultáneamente, los dos, siendo parte de un mismo mensaje, y sin ninguna pausa, hoy surge esta Monumental figura con símbolos Mayas, como si se tratara de una gran “Brújula” de navegante, el Agroglifo esta conformado de una Estrella de siete puntas a manera de “Brújula”, rodeada o “decorada” de catorce grecas Mayas, símbolos que se han usado en la antigüedad por diversas culturas y que hoy vuelven a ser parte de esta Nueva Era. El mundo se esta trasformando, así lo demuestran los increíbles acontecimientos que estamos viviendo, la humanidad esta en una fase de desarrollo, debemos de madurar como especie y alcanzar el nivel cósmico de las civilizaciones del Universo, solo así lograremos un futuro en el espacio… Es momento de creer.#mayas#simbolos#grecas#cropcircle#cropcircles#universe#universo#ufologia#ufology#ufosightings#ufosighting#aliens#alien#alienigenas#area51#roswell#ufo#ufos#ovnis#ovni#mothership#elonmusk#nasa#spacex#ufologopedroramirez#ovnislanuevaera#lanuevaeradelfenomenoovni

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This is the same 7 cycles as Cosmic Sound.
G is written in front and back in each.
G is Sol (sun) and it means the G clef.
There is day and night on Earth’s day.

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“Iroha” has memories and records since the creation of the universe.
“Hifumi” has the intention and program of space creation.
“Iroha” and “Hifumi” are constantly circulating and respiratory.

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The water reflecting “Iroha” is universal.

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The law lamp “Iroha” is here.
“Iroha Lecture71-80”
日本文と英文のまとめ Summary of Japanese sentences and English
「いろは講 71」。「組玉」は「いろは」の重要なるネットワークの事である。それが「ヒノモト」から世界へと鳴り響く新しい時代の神仕組なり。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 71”. “KUMITAMA” is an important network of “Iroha”. It is a divine mechanism of a new era that it resonates from “Hinomoto” to the world. Sonney
「いろは講 72」。「組玉ネットワーク」は音のようなものである。人々の意識が奏でる交響曲の如し。「組玉」は組織ではない。喜びに満ちた自発的なネットワークである。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 72”. “KUMITAMA network” is like a sound. It is like a symphony where people’s consciousness plays. “KUMITAMA” is not an organization. It is a spontaneous network full of joy. Sonney
「いろは講 73」。「いろは」の「組玉」の主点はヒノモトの一点なり。音の中心点でもある。これを逸脱して「組玉」は鳴らず。世界調和の源泉はここにあり。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 73”. The main point of “KUMITAMA” of “Iroha” is Hinomoto’s one point. It is also the center point of sound. Deviating from this, “KUMITAMA” does not ring. Here is the source of world harmony. Sonney
「いろは講 74」。「組玉」の主点は「ヒノモト」の示す「いろは宇宙律」に基づいて感謝と祈りを神に捧げる中心点である。コズミックサウンド&ワードはここから世界に発信される。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 74”. The main point of “KUMITAMA” is the central point of giving thanks and prayers to God based on “Iroha Space Law” indicated by “Hinomoto”. Cosmic sound & words are sent out to the world from here. Sonney
「いろは講 75」。「組玉」は愛と正義に基づいた世界を建設するためにある。天の神の御意思を地に反映することが「組玉」の使命である。天と地は合わせ鏡。Sonney
“Iroha Course 75”. “KUMITAMA” is in order to build a world based on love and justice. It is the mission of ‘KUMITAMA’ to reflect the will of the God of heaven in the earth. Heaven and earth are mirrors combined. Sonney
「いろは講 76」。「組玉」の最大の目的は地球生命救済である。地磁気逆転により全生命が崩壊する可能性がある。マザーアースへの祈りのネットワークを急いて構築する必要がある。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 76”. The greatest purpose of “KUMITAMA” is earth life saving relief. There is a possibility that whole life collapses due to geomagnetism reversal. We need to build a network of prayers for mother earth quickly. Sonney
「いろは講 77」。「組玉」は地球調和とその安定をもたらす。それは感謝と祈りによって成し遂げられねばならない。地球学校の最後の命題だ。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 77”. “KUMITAMAl” brings earth harmony and its stability. It must be accomplished with thanks and prayers. It is the last concession of Earth School. Sonney
「いろは講 78」現代のノアの箱舟は地球の事である。「組玉」は箱舟に乗る人々の事を言う。それほどに緊迫していることを地球人は知るべきだ。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 78” Modern Noah’s Ark is about the earth. “KUMITAMA” refers to people riding the ark. Earthlings should know WHY they are so tense. Sonney
「いろは講 79」。「組玉」は科学者と宗教家がその壁を越えて出会うネットワークである。新しき世の文明の礎はそこから生まれる。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 79”. “KUMITAMA” is a network where scientists and religious figures meet across the wall. The foundation of the civilization of the new world is born from there. Sonney
「いろは講 80」。「組玉」の主点を損なう動きは地球生命救済を阻むことである。宇宙船地球号「いろは丸」の舵はヒノモトにあり。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 80”. The move which hurts the main point of “KUMITAMA” is to stop the life-saving relief. The helm of the spaceship Earth issue “Iroha Maru” is in Hinomoto. Sonney
Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
The mechanism of the god of Maitreya
MIROKU (Maitreya) is a sun god who descended to the earth from heaven because of the affection of earth life.
In ancient times it was also called MITRA or MITHRA.
Maitreya’s activities will be active with the winter solstice with the shortest sunshine time as the starting point.
Christmas is a day commemorating the birth of MITRA.
MIROKU pours unlimited love into all life.
Because there is mercy of mother ‘Iroha’, respond to it with whole body.
Its appearance is like a full moon, and there is no missing place.
That wisdom transcends religion and science.
The absolute area “Hifumi” is present in the relative area “Iroha”.
We call that divine mechanism “Iroha cosmic law”.
“Iroha cosmic law” is Cosmic sound & word.
This is the origin of cosmic creation.
Celebrate the day and time of the winter solstice!
Happy to all life on Earth!
Japan time December 22, 7 am – 8 am.
For the date and time of the winter solstice other than Japan please refer to the following.
カリフォルニア California December 21, at 14 PM
ニュヨーク New York December 21st, 17pm
ロンドン London December 21st, 22pm
パリ Paris December 21st, 23pm
Would that be okay?
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR LEARNING ABOUT “IROHA” Posted by Rie Kishimoto and shared here
from her Japanese Blog:
Everyone in Japan, everyone who lives abroad, Hello!

I am “Rion” which is “Kion @ Sound Treatment”.
This is a ceremony method which made music of improvisation (piano) called “Cosmic Sound” BGM. Improvised performers are also people who have created Kion @ Sound training at Sonney.
Since 1999 I began learning “Kion @ sound control”
In 2004, “Kion @ Kikori opened as a regular body”, and it will be reached now.

“Cosmic Sound” is music that is performed improvised based on the “168 Space Rule”. The “168 Space Rule” is “Iroha Space Rule” and
“Iloha Space Rule” and “IROHA” are also written.

Sonney has been playing the piano (jazz, chanson, pops etc) since he was in his teens, and he is still a currently active musician.
I found “Cosmic Sound” by breaking the body when I was young. Since then, I continue to work as a musician with “Iroha Space Rule – Cosmic Sound & Word” as a life work.
The rhythm and work of the whole universe including us human beings are arranged and kept in harmony by a certain “rule.” “Cosmic Sound & Word” will tune the human life activity correctly, just like piano tuning.

It is about June this year (2018). The person living abroad (USA)
Thank you for expressing my interest and understanding to that “Iroha Space Rule”
You also learned from Sonney and introduced it to many people
I am giving it. With her approval, she was created here
We will introduce our website.
<IROHA SPACE LAW by Sonney Mizuho>
Site Creator: Elizabeth Trutwin
Elizabeth is a person full of volunteer spirit, not a disorder of cultures (language, customs etc.) as a disorder, is a person who has the ability to mutually “respect, work hard” and sublimate to a wonderful thing.
Thank you for borrowing this place. Thank you very much.

Sonney Mizuho’s website will also be introduced here.
Everyone, please read it.
<AMNET-Japan @ Earth>
Site creator: Sonney @ Ahahayashi ☆ From you

For You Elizabeth Trutwin
今年(2018年)の6月頃です。海外在住(アメリカ)の方が、その「いろは宇宙律」に興味・理解を示して下さって、ご自身もSonney から学ばれ、又それを多くの方々に紹介して下さっています。彼女の了承を得て、ここに彼女が作成されたウエブサイトを紹介させて頂きます。
<IROHA SPACE LAW  by Sonney Mizuho>
 サイト作成者:Elizabeth Trutwin
Sonney Mizuhoのウェブサイトもここで紹介させて頂きます。皆様、是非読んでみて下さい。
<AMNET-Japan@ Earth>

How To Participate in “IROHA” Winter Solstice Meditation

Please Join in Meditation from Where You Are at the times below

In Gratitude and Love for Mother Earth and link with the Cosmic Sound.
Please invite all your friends. All Are Welcome.

冬至 winter solstice
Important notice
This winter solstice is approaching.

I would like to give thanks and prayers with you this day.

Please join us.

The date and time are as follows.

2018年12月22日 午前7時21分 
December 22, 2018 7:21 AM

The place and how to pray is free.

I (Sonney) will play “Cosmic Sound” at home.

The performance is from 7 am to 8 am Japanese time.

“Cosmic Sound” is performed improvised by “Iroha Space Law” prescribed at that date and time.

I would like to give thanks and prayers for mother earth, and avoid the earth’s crisis.

For the date and time of the winter solstice other than Japan please refer to the following.

カリフォルニア California December 21, at 14 PM

ニュヨーク New York December 21st, 17pm

ロンドン London December 21st, 22pm

パリ Paris December 21st, 23pm

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
I can hardly wait for the dawn of “Iroha”.

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
“Iroha” dharmachakra 
the wheel of “Iroha” law
End old things.
That is the beginning of a new one.
Do not be afraid, children.
Do not do anything anyway.
Space law is all.
Return to “Iroha”.
Return to your true parent.
Your house is here.
You should recall it.
A nostalgic home.
Everything started from here.
Visit the beginning.
This is “Iroha”.
Sonney Mizuho shared a photo.
“Christmas” is “Iroha anniversary”!
Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
The dawn of “Iroha” is the dawn of the world!
Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
“Iroha” and quantum teleportation
Quantum teleportation is important for “Iroha universe”.
However, quantum teleportation is a mystery scientifically.
The mechanism has not been elucidated.
That said, it is experimentally successful.
It has not been elucidated by science, but it is technically successful.
That is important.
Technology expects elucidation of science, but we can not wait.
Because the earth is tense.
We have to hurry.
By the way, in order to investigate quantum teleportation it is necessary to understand “Iroha”.
The feature of quantum teleportation is the instantaneous transmission of information.
Let me supplement “Iroha” before explaining the mechanism.
“Iroha” is the time and space cosmic law.
That is, it is a cosmic clock.
That “Iroha Space Law” has inherent “Hifumi” without time and space.
If “Iroha” is the surface universe, “Hifumi” is the universe in the back.
The front and back are always circulating.
This circulation is one and can not be divided.
“Iroha” is “Hifumi”, “Hifumi” is “Iroha”.
The finite universe of “Iroha” and the infinite universe of “Hifumi” are sets.
There is “Hifumi” where “Iroha” exists.
There is “Iroha” where “Hifumi” exists.
Without “Iroha” there is no “Hifumi”.
Without “Hifumi” there is no “Iroha”.
Like a parent and a child or a couple.
Information is instantaneously transmitted because “Hifumi” is behind “Iroha”
This relationship similarly extends from micro to macro.
It ranges from elementary particles to the universe.
Whatever area of ​​the universe this is why quantum teleportation occurs.
There is a method that can cope with neutralization of radioactivity and geomagnetism reversal with this technology.
The key is “Iroha Space Law”, ie “Cosmic Sound & Word”.
Would that be okay?
Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
Letters from “Iroha”
“Iroha” desires a peaceful family.
“Iroha” is also about the earth.
“Iroha” hates quarrels and conflicts.
“Iroha” likes a quiet night.
“Iroha” is your home country of birth.
“Iroha” is where you return.
Beautiful music is ringing in “Iroha”.
“Iroha” has to go through a distant narrow road.
The source of “Iroha” is in Hinomoto.
“Iroha” indicates the word of God and executes it.
“Iroha” springs from one point of God.
“Iroha” is the will of God.
The god of ‘Iroha’ is in the center of Hinomoto.
The god of ‘Iroha’ is also ubiquitous in the world.
No one can constrain “Iroha”.
You should not order the God of “Hinomoto” “Iroha”.
“Iroha” is established with the free will of Cosmic Creation God.
“Hinomoto” “Iroha” accomplishes earth regeneration.
The work of “Iroha” is enormous.
Those who serve “Iroha” are fortunate.
“Iroha” is all of your life.
‘Iroha’ wants to rejoice with you.
Would that be okay?

“Iroha Lecture61-70”
Summary of Japanese sentences and English

…「いろは講 61」あなたは地球学校の生徒である。あなたは最後のチャンスを与えられた神の子である。神の国に入るか落第するかはあなた次第だ。両親である日と月の神はあなたを愛しておられる。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 61” You are students of Earth School. You are the Son of God who was given the last chance. It is up to you to enter or fall into the kingdom of God. The gods of the sun and the moon who are parents love you. Sonney

「いろは講 62」世界は益々不安定になっている。神の愛「いろは」全ての子供たちに呼びかける。「トキは迫っている。目と耳を澄まして準備しなさい。あなたがたの母より。」Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 62” The world is increasingly unstable. God’s love ‘Iroha’ Calls all the children. “Toki” is approaching, prepare yourself with eyes and ears, from your mother.” Sonney

「いろは講 63」私たちの朋、すなわち宇宙より飛来せし霊的兄弟たちは地球を暖かく見守っている。彼らもまた「いろは」を根本とする同胞である。地球が銀河文明の仲間入りをする日は近い!

“Iroha Lecture 63” Our fellows, the flying spiritual brothers from the universe, are watching the earth warmly. They are also compatriots whose “Iroha” is the root. The day the Earth joins the galaxy civilization is near! Sonney

「いろは講 64」 宇宙の兄弟たちは、地球が現在直面している大問題をかつて経験してきた。彼らも「いろは」により困難を乗り越えてきたのである。宇宙普遍の真理に目覚めよ Sonney

“Iroha lecture 64” Brothers of the universe have experienced a major problem the earth at this time. They have also overcome the difficulties through “Iroha”. Wake up to the universal truth! Sonney

「いろは講 65」高度なテクノロジーを持った飛来する宇宙の友たちの乗り物の推進力は「いろは」である。それに到達することが新時代の幕開けだ!Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 65” The propulsion power of the flying cosmic friends with advanced technology is “Iroha”. Reaching it is the beginning of a new era! Sonney

「いろは講 66」地球に飛来する宇宙の友らは「いろは宇宙律法」を規範としている。「いろは」が愛でありかつ律法であるからだ。宇宙の「道」は「いろは」へと極まる。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 66” Friends of the universe that fly to the earth are based on the “Iroha Space Law”. Because “Iroha” is love and law. “Road” of the universe goes to “Iroha” extremely. Sonney

「いろは講 67」地球は学びの場である。あなたの霊の総決算の時が来た。何回も生まれて死んで何を勉強したのか。もう地獄にも行けない最後の生だというのに・・・。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 67” Earth is a place of learning. The time has come for the total settlement of your spirit. How many times have you been born and died and what did you study. Although it is the last life and can not go to hell anymore. Sonney

「いろは講 68」「いろは」の愛は無条件の愛である。母子の愛の如し。そこに取引は無い。取引があるのはおカネに支配された世界。そこに愛は無い。「いろは」は警鐘を鳴らす。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 68” “Iroha” love is unconditional love. Like a mother and child’s love. There is no transaction there. There is a deal in the world dominated by money. There is no love there. “Iroha” sounds a warning bell. Sonney

「いろは講 69」「いろは」は巨大なる宇宙の掃除機と洗濯機でもある。あなたを綺麗にして立て直す。それが最上の愛だ!よろしいかな。Sonney

“Iroha lecture 69” “Iroha” is also a gigantic vacuum cleaner and washing machine. Clean up you and restore it. That’s the best love! Is it okay? Sonney

「いろは講 70」。「いろは」の源泉はヒノモトの中心にあり。新しき世の創造はここから始まる。「いろは」で出直すことが分からねば世界の「道」は無い。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 70”.
The source of “Iroha” is in the center of Hinomoto. The creation of the new world starts here. If you do not know that you can take off from “Iroha” there is no world “way”. Sonney

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
Take the wind to the sail of the moon
Wait for “Iroha”
The law ship will arrive at your port
Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
Letters from “Iroha”
“Iroha” desires a peaceful family.
“Iroha” is also about the earth.
“Iroha” hates quarrels and conflicts.
“Iroha” likes a quiet night.
“Iroha” is your home country of birth.
“Iroha” is where you return.
Beautiful music is ringing in “Iroha”.
“Iroha” must go through the narrow road.
The source of “Iroha” is in Hinomoto.
“Iroha” indicates the word of God and executes it.
“Iroha” springs from one point of God.
“Iroha” is the will of God.
The god of ‘Iroha’ is in the center of Hinomoto.
The god of ‘Iroha’ is also ubiquitous in the world.
No one can constrain “Iroha”.
You should not order the God of “Hinomoto” “Iroha”.
“Iroha” is established with the free will of Cosmic Creation God.
“Hinomoto” “Iroha” accomplishes earth regeneration.
The work of “Iroha” is enormous.
Those who serve “Iroha” are fortunate.
“Iroha” is all of your life.
‘Iroha’ wants to rejoice with you.
Would that be okay?

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
Spring, summer, fall, and winter.
“Iroha” plays the season.
Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
Cheers to “Iroha”!

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
Important notice
This winter solstice is approaching.
I would like to give thanks and prayers with you this day.
Please join us.
The date and time are as follows.
2018年12月22日 午前7時21分 
December 22, 2018 7:21 AM
The place and how to pray is free.
I (Sonney) will play “Cosmic Sound” at home.
The performance is from 7 am to 8 am Japanese time.
“Cosmic Sound” is performed improvised by “Iroha Space Law” prescribed at that date and time.
I would like to give thanks and prayers for mother earth, and avoid the earth’s crisis.
For the date and time of the winter solstice other than Japan please refer to the following.
カリフォルニア California December 21, at 14 PM
ニュヨーク New York December 21st, 17pm 
ロンドン London December 21st, 22pm
パリ Paris December 21st, 23pm

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
The sunrise world
“Iroha” makes the world of the sunrise.
Sunrise means that cosmological truths are recognized in the world.
There has never been a truth of the universe ever shown.
The truth of the universe comes from “MIROKU” Maitreya.
“Iroha” is the great truth of the universe and is the root of life activities.
Buddha and Christ were trying to explain the “Iroha Space Law.”
This is what “sunrise” means.
“Hinomoto” has the responsibility and duty of “sunrise”.
People of the world.
The cross of God is here.
The reason for the existence of Maitreya is also here.
It is “the world of sunrise” that “Iroha Space Law” is recognized worldwide.
Would that be okay?

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.
Cosmic sound and cosmic light are the same.
In “Hifumi”, sound and light are not separated.

Sonney Mizuho shared a post.

The mission of “Iroha”
I preach “Iroha” to people in the world.
“Iroha” is the most important thing in this universe.
Never before was “Iroha” preached.
This era is different from the times of Buddha and Jesus.
Information on the world is tied to the Internet.
“Space law” must also be disseminated to the world.
Because the world is losing ‘way’ and in dangerous circumstances.
It is because the whole world may collapse as it is and the existence of earth life may become impossible.
Therefore I dedicate my whole existence to the people of the world and preach the Space Law “Iroha”.
“Iroha” connects religion and science and integrates them.
There is no barrier to them.
In science unified field theory is advocated.
In religion too “God’s way=MICHI” is one.
Furthermore, “Iroha” does not divide science and religion.
It is the most necessary idea for the new earth civilization of the future.
Without this we can not rebuild the earth.
This is the root of “Iroha”.
Would that be okay?

Sonney Mizuho

“Iroha Lecture51-60”
Summary of Japanese sentences and English
「いろは講 51」。「ひふみ」は神の御意思と御計画である。ゆえに「いろは」はそれを実現をするために御存在される。マザーアースの御苦労は計り知れないことを認識せよ! Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 51”. “Hifumi”Is the will of God and plan. Therefore “Iroha” exists to realize it. Recognize that the hard work of mother earth is immeasurable! Sonney
「いろは講 52」世界が混迷を深める中、古今東西、今も昔も、宇宙の始源から未来まで、とこしえに変わらぬ愛の宇宙律法が「いろは」である。そこに科学と宗教の分離は無い。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 52” While the world is deepening in confusion, the ancient and east-west, now and in the past, from the beginning of the universe to the future the universe law of everlasting love is “Iroha”. There is no separation between science and religion. Sonney
「いろは講 53」。「いろは宇宙律」の根幹は「コズミックサウンド&ワード」である。これはSonneyが発見・開発したものであり、誰もこの知的所有権を犯すことは出来ない。無断で「いろは」を引用したり利用することを禁じる。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 53”. The root of “Iroha Space Rule” is “Cosmic Sound & Word”. This is what Sonney discovered and developed, and no one can commit this intellectual property right. I will not quote or use “Iroha” without permission. Sonney
「いろは講 54」科学で解明できないことを解く責任がヒノモトにある。日本ではマイトレーヤを彌勒と言うが、「ひふみ」から「いろは」に展開する鍵がここにある。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 54” Hinomoto has a responsibility to solve what can not be elucidated by science. In Japan, Maitreya is called “Miroku”, but this is the key to develop from “Hifumi” to “Iroha”. Sonney
「いろは講 55」神は穢れなき世界の実現をヒノモトに託された。政治・宗教・経済・文化等、一切のものがウソで固められたから・・・。それを建て直すのが神の「いろは」である。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 55” God entrusts Hinomoto to realize the world without impurity. Everything such as politics, religion, economy, culture, etc. was solidified with lies …. It is God’s “Iroha” to rebuild it. Sonney
「いろは講 56」ヒノモトの教えは「ひふみ・いろは」である。この新文明の根幹は天の父・母よりもたらされる。これを地では「ミロク」マイトレーヤの教えと言う。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 56” The teachings of Hinomoto is “Hifumi · Iroha”. The basis of this new civilization comes from the Father and Mother of Heaven. This is called “teaching of Maitreya” “Miroku” on the ground. Sonney
「いろは講 57」天地(あめつち)はヒノモトに科学技術の「三種神器」を示された。①サウンド②レーザー②ヘリウム。これらを組み合わせるのだが、この三つのどれにも極低温を実現するはたらきがある。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 57” Heaven and earth (Ametsuchi) presented Hinomoto with “three kinds of divine law” of science and technology. ① Sound ② Laser ② Helium. We combine these, but there are functions that realize cryogenic temperatures in any of these three. Sonney
「いろは講 58」日本に原発事故が起きたのは偶然ではない。この収束技術が新しき時代の文明の礎となるものだ。世界の民よ、「いろは」で地球危機を乗り越えるのだ。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 58” It is no accident that a nuclear accident happened in Japan. This convergence technology is the cornerstone of the civilization of the new era. The people of the world, “Iroha” overcomes the global crisis. Sonney
「いろは講 59」東洋では「神の道」の「道」は、西洋における「道」とは意味が違う。「神の道」は「ヒノモト」にある。今後は「道」を日本語の「MICHI」ということにする。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 59” In the Orient, “Road” of “God’s way” has a different meaning from “Road” in the West. “The way of God” is in “Hinomoto.” In the future we will call “Michi” a Japanese word “MICHI”. Sonney
「いろは講 60」地球磁場の逆転により地磁気が消滅する。しかしその期間が大問題である。太陽フレアの爆発から地球を守らなければならない。地磁気回復を三日で成し遂げるのが「いろは」の使命だ。Sonney
“Iroha lecture 60″By reversal of the earth’s magnetic field, Geomagnetic disappears .But that period is a big problem. We must protect the earth from the explosion of solar flares. The mission of ‘Iroha’ is to achieve eomagnetic recovery in three days. – Sonney

“Iroha Lecture41-50”
日本文と英文のまとめ Summary of Japanese sentences and English

「いろは講 41」宇宙を創造された神の存在を人間が超えることは出来ない。その絶対領域を認識することすら不可能である。しかし宇宙を切り拓くことは必要不可欠。そこに現代の預言者の役割がある。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 41” Man can not exceed the existence of God created the universe. It is impossible even to recognize its absolute area. But it is indispensable to open the universe. There is the role of modern prophet there. Sonney
「いろは講 42」この講義は宗教や科学、あるいは超常現象やUFO現象等を分け隔てなく捉えるものである。これが「ヒノモトの道」である。それぞれにレベルの差はあるが、排斥することは出来ない。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 42″This lecture grasps religion, science, paranormal phenomena,UFO phenomena, etc. without distinction. This is “the way of Hinomoto.”Although there is a differencein level for each,it can not be rejected.- Sonney
「いろは講 43」世界の兄弟たちに大切な事を伝えます。来る秋分の日、日本時間の9月23日11:00AMから30分間、マザーアースに祈りと感謝を捧げるために「コズミックサウンド」を私の家から届けます。みなさんも瞑想で参加してください。Sonney 

“Iroha Lecture 43” I will tell the important things to the world’s brothers. We will deliver “Cosmic Sound” from my house to pray and thank Mother Earth for 30 minutes from the coming Autumnal Equinox Day, September 23, Japan time 11: 00 AM. Everyone please participate in meditation. Sonney
「いろは講 44」秋分の日の感謝と祈りに参加していただきましてありがとうございました。また時間が取れなかった人も次回の参加をお待ちしています。この学びが世界の平安に貢献できますことを確信しております。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 44” Thank you for participating in Autumnal Equinox Day appreciation and prayers. People who were not able to take the time will be waiting for their next participation. I am convinced that this learning can contribute to the peace of the world. Sonney
「いろは講 45」今、地球生命は崩壊するかもしれない危機的状況にある。この講座はそれを回避するための方法や手段、または生命の救済を探求するために設けられた。共に学んでいきましょう。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 45” Now, Earth life is in a crisis situation that may collapse. This course was set up to explore ways and means to circumvent it, or life salvation. Let’s learn together. Sonney
「いろは講 46」宇宙の真理や法則性、特に統一場理論の確立には何が必要か? それに対して人間の叡智は何処まで迫れるのか? この講では特に鍵である「宇宙の音」に焦点を当てる必要があるだろう。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 46” What is necessary to establish the truth and the laws of the universe, especially the unified field theory? Where is the wisdom of human being pressed against it? In this lecture you will need to focus on the key “sound of the universe”. Sonney
「いろは講 47」科学で絶対解明出来ないものに、「ひふみ」という時間と空間のない領域がある。ここに重要な「コトタマ」が詰まっている。神の言語であるから量子もなく検出されない。Sonney

“Iroha lecture 47” In science that can not be absolutely elucidated, there is “Hifumi” time and space free space. Here is an important ‘kototama’. Since it is the language of God, it cannot be quantitatively detected. – Sonney
「いろは講 48」。「ひふみ」の本質である数の数え方を知ることは大切である。その起源は世界で最も古く天文学的かつ宇宙スケールだ。古代では1から10までを「Hi.Hu.Mi.Yo.

“Iroha lecture 48”. It is important to know how to count numbers which is the essence of “Hifumi”. Its origins are the oldest, astronomical and universe scale in the world. In ancient times 1 to 10 are pronounced as “Hi.Hu.Mi.Yo.I.Mu.Na.Ya.Ko.To “.- Sonney
「いろは講 49」。「ひふみ」は47文字ある。11番目の文字からは10の2乗、次は10の3乗と続き、最後は10の37乗という天文学的な数字を示す。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 49”. “Hifumi” has 47 letters. From the eleventh letter to the square of ten, the next to the cube of ten, and finally to the 37th power of ten, indicating astronomical numbers. Sonney
「いろは講 50」。「ひふみ」47文字を示す。ひふみよいむなやこともちろらねしきるゆゐつわぬそをたはくめかうおえにさりへてのますあせゑほれけ Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 50”. “Hifumi” indicates 47 letters. HiHuMiYoIMuNaYaKoToMoChiRoRaNeShiKiRuYuWiTsuWaNuSoWoTaHaKuMeKaUOENiSaRiHeTeNoMaSuASeWeHoReKe Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 31-40”
日本文と英文のまとめ Summary of Japanese sentences and English

「いろは講 31」日本に古代より伝承されてきた歌が「いろは」である。47文字の最後にNを加えて48文字である。「いろは」は168(IROHA)でもある。7×2×12=168。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 31” A song that has been handed down to Japan from ancient times is “Iroha”. It is 48 characters by adding N to the end of 47 letters. “Iroha” is also 168 (IROHA). 7 × 2 × 12 = 168. Sonney


「いろは講 32」168は日本語で「IROHA」と発音するが、中国では最高の幸運をもたらす数である。「いろは」は「オトタマ」の神髄を現した「お経」であるが、古代ヘブライの神「ヤハウェ」の言葉でもある。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 32” 168 pronounces “IROHA” in Japanese, but in China it is the number that brings the best fortune. “Iroha” is the “sutra” which revealed the essence of “Ototama”, but also the word of the god of the ancient Hebrew “Yahweh”. Sonney


「いろは講 33」大地の母は月の調べの七つの音階を奏で、昼夜を問わずずっと生命をはぐくんでおられる。創世記冒頭の七日間、これぞ万物の存在理由なり。どんなに感謝しても足りぬ。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 33” The earth’s mother plays seven scales of the moon’s investigation and has been developing life all day and night. Seven days at the beginning of Genesis, this is why all things exist. I can not thank you enough no matter what. Sonney


「いろは講 34」太陽の動きは1年のサイクルである。「春分・秋分・冬至・夏至」は分割されてピアノの鍵盤の12音を得るが如きである。このオクターブは永遠に循環し月の7音を奏でる。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 34” The movement of the sun is the size of a year. “Spring equinox, autumn equinox, winter solstice, summer solstice” is divided and you can get 12 sounds of the piano keyboard. This octave circulates forever and plays seven notes of the moon. Sonney


「いろは講 35」この地球には昼と夜がある。だから月の七音階には明暗の二種類がある。ゆえに「いろは宇宙律」は12×7×2=168なのである。太陽と月と地球の織りなす美しいコズミックサウンド!Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 35” There is day and night on this earth. Therefore there are two kinds of light and dark on the seventh key of the moon. Therefore “Iroha Space Rule” is 12 × 7 × 2 = 168. A beautiful Cosmic sound that interlocks the sun, the moon and the earth! Sonney


「いろは講 36」海の水の一滴が全ての水の性質を表しているように、コズミックサウンドの一瞬は「いろは」の全てを表している。山の頂から海に注がれる川のように、コズミックサウンドの物語が存在している。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 36” A moment of Cosmic Sound represents all of “Iroha” as a drop of sea water represents all the water’s properties. Like a river poured from the top of the mountain to the sea, there is a story of Cosmic Sound. Sonney


「いろは講 37」コズミックサウンドには通常の音楽にあるような拍子やリズムが無い。自然界のリズム、つまり風や川の流れや落ち葉の舞い散る動き等がそこにある。このような音楽は歴史上存在しない! Sonney

“Iroha Course 37” Cosmic sound has no meter or rhythm as there is in ordinary music. There are natural rhythms, that is, the flow of winds, streams of rivers and falling leaves. Such music does not exist in history! Sonney


「いろは講 38」コズミックサウンドの揺らぎは全ての生命や物質に語りかけるものである。これは渦の運動に似ている。この渦は源泉から湧き出る水のようでもあり、生命の鼓動である。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 38” Fluctuation of Cosmic Sound speaks to all life and matter. This resembles the motion of a vortex. This vortex is like water that springs from the source, it is the beating of life. Sonney


「いろは講 39」母親の胎内に居るような安心感を与えてくれるのが「コズミックサウンド」。あなたのスピリットの一番深いところに響く音楽である。心と体の調和に最適と言えよう。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 39” It is “Cosmic Sound” that gives you a sense of security that you are in the womb of your mother. It is music that echoes at the deepest part of your spirit. It is perfect for harmony between mind and body. Sonney


「いろは講 40」コズミックサウンドの最大の特徴は、あなた個人の生年月日と生まれた時間で音楽が作成できることにある。これにより今まで難しいとされてきた病気の治癒に効果を発揮する。Sonney

Iroha Lecture 40 “The biggest feature of Cosmic Sound is that you can create music with your personal date of birth and time of birth. This will exert an effect on the healing of diseases that have been considered difficult until now. Sonney 

“Iroha Lecture21-30”
日本文と英文のまとめ Summary of Japanese sentences and English

「いろは講 21」この地上世界において大宇宙空間を再現することも「いろは宇宙律」の使命である。なぜならば、これを成し得なければ今後の地球生命存続は困難だからだ。理解して頂ければ幸いである。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 21” It is also the mission of “Iroha Space Rule” to reproduce the universe space in this ground world. Because it is difficult for the survival of the future earth life unless it can not do it. I hope you understand. Sonney

「いろは講 22」宇宙空間の本質を地上に再現するための三つの方法を提示しよう。①超流動ヘリウム②レーザー光③コズミックサウンド。これら三つを組み合わせることで「ひふみ」と「いろは」、即ち見える宇宙と見えない宇宙は循環する!Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 22” Let’s present three ways to reproduce the essence of outer space on the ground. ① superfluid helium ② laser light ③ cosmic sound. By combining these three “Hifumi” and “Iroha”, the visible universe and the invisible universe circulate! Sonney

「いろは講 23」超流動ヘリウムもレーザー光もサウンドも、この三つそれぞれが極低温を実現させる方法である。再三言うが、摩擦ゼロ・電気抵抗ゼロ、遠隔操作、ベクトル・宇宙時計等・・・これらが新時代のテクノロジー。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 23” Superfluid Helium, Laser Light and Sound, each of these three is a method to realize cryogenic temperature. Repeatedly, zero friction, electric resistance zero, remote control, vector, space clock etc … These are technologies of the new era. Sonney

「いろは講 24」 Word)」極低温をもたらす超流動ヘリウムは「コズミック・ワード(Cosmic Word)」に反応する。摩擦が無いので上下左右・回転等の動きが得られる。宇宙ベクトルの基礎研究が必要。Sonney

Iroha Lecture 24″ Superfluid helium that brings cryogenic temperature reacts to “Cosmic Word”. Since there is no friction, movements such as up and down, right and left, and rotation are obtained. Basic research on cosmic vector is necessary. Sonney

「いろは講 25」レーザー光も極低温を実現させる方法であることは周知の事実である。とくに遠隔操作を行うときの波動の伝達手段となる。つまり地上における電線の役割に相当する。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 25” It is a well-known fact that laser light is also a method to realize cryogenic temperature. In particular, it serves as means for transmitting the wave when remote control is performed. That is, it corresponds to the role of electric wires on the ground. Sonney

「いろは講 26」音は極低温をもたらす要因である。特に「コズミックサウンド」は「いろは」における宇宙律、すなわち時計の役割も担っている。時計とは「ひふみ」と「いろは」の宇宙的循環である。Sonney

“Iroha lecture 26” Sound is a factor that brings cryogenic temperature. In particular, “Cosmic Sound” is also responsible for the role of clock in the “Iroha” space law. Clock is the cosmic circulation of “Hifumi” and “Iroha”. Sonney

「いろは講 27」コズミックサウンドは光の波長と同期する。宇宙の因においては音と光は別のものではない。音は光であり光は音である。七つの音階が織りなすメロディーは光の表現でもある。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 27” Cosmic sound is synchronized with the wavelength of light. In the cause of the universe, sound and light are not separate things. Sound is light and light is sound. The melody that seven scales weave is also an expression of light. Sonney

「いろは講 28」コズミックサウンド(Cosmic Sound)は光と同期して素粒子に影響を与える。レーザー光を用いてパルス波で送信すれば有害な放射性物質を制御できるであろう。Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 28” Cosmic sound affects elementary particles synchronously with light. Transmission with a pulse wave using laser light would be able to control harmful radioactive material. Sonney

「いろは講 29」レーザー光の色をコズミックサウンドに同期するように設定する。つまりレーザー光はパレットの色だ。それを調合してパルス波に乗せて照射すると循環が生じる。Sonney

“Iroha lecture 29” Set the color of the laser light to synchronize with the cosmic sound. In other words, the laser light is the color of the palette. When prepared and irradiated with pulse waves, circulation occurs. Sonney

「いろは講 30」世界の宇宙物理学者たちよ、「コズミックサウンド&ワード」こそが統一場理論の解答である。宇宙創造の源はここにあり。力を合わせて困難な時代を乗り切ろうではないか!Sonney

“Iroha Lecture 30” This is the unified field theory’s answer, “Cosmic Sound & Word” by the world astrophysicists. Here is the source of cosmic creation. Let’s overcome the difficult times with power combined!

いろは講1~10 ”Iroha Lecture 1-10″

Summary of Japanese sentences and English

「いろは講 1」この講は難解な「いろは」を海外の人たちに理解してもらうために執筆するものである。地球文明の幕開けのために必要かつ重要なものであることは言うまでもない。Sonney
“Iroha Lecture 1” This lecture is written to help overseas people understand esoteric “Iroha”. It goes without saying that it is necessary and important for the beginning of the earth civilization. Sonney
「いろは講 2」「いろは」の基本は「Cosmic Sound & Word」である。これは日本において古代より「コトタマ」と言われてきた。Soundのことを特に「オトタマ」ということがある。宇宙の基本的要因と関係する。Sonney
The basic of “Iroha Lecture 2” “Iroha” is “Cosmic Sound & Word”. This has been told in Japan “Kototama” from ancient times. Sound is sometimes called “Ototama” in particular. It is related to the fundamental factors of the universe. Sonney 
「いろは講 3」「いろは」とは宇宙の実相であり根本原理である。それに対する因を「ひふみ」と言う。「ひふみ」は目に見えないし現実界には現れない。「いろは」は「ひふみ」を含みつつ、この二つは循環している。親愛なる友へ。Sonney  
“Iroha Lecture 3” “Iroha” is the real phase of the universe and is the fundamental principle. The cause for it is called “Hifumi”. “Hifumi” is invisible and does not appear in the real world. While “Iroha” includes “Hifumi”, these two are circulating. Dear friend. Sonney 
「いろは講 4」「いろは」とは宗教や科学を超えてそれらを統合するものである。世界文明の新しき指標あるいは基礎となるべきものである。古今東西の道はここに極まれり。ゆえに宇宙律法と申すべき。世界の民へ!Sonney 
“Iroha Lecture 4” “Iroha” is to integrate them beyond religion and science. It should be a new index or basis of world civilization. The Law of the Ancient and the East West is here extremely. Therefore, it should be called the Space Law. To the people of the world! Sonney 
「いろは講 5」「いろは」は宇宙を生んでくださった神様との関係を知る唯一の手掛かりである。宇宙の起源に分離は無い。吾らは「いろは」により一つであることを知る。東洋ではこれを特に「道(みち)」と言う。世界の友へ、Sonney 。
“Iroha lecture 5” “Iroha” is the only clues to know the relationship with God who gave birth to the universe. There is no separation in the origin of the universe. We know that it is one by “Iroha”. In the Orient this is especially called “Michi”. To friends of the world, Sonney 
「いろは講 6」宇宙には相対時間と絶対時間がある。絶対時間というのは時間が存在しないということだ。相対時間は「いろは宇宙」の本質であり、ミクロからマクロにまで及ぶ。「いろは」は宇宙時計なり!Sonney 
“Iroha Lecture 6” There are relative time and absolute time in the universe. Absolute time means that time does not exist. Relative time is the essence of “Iroha universe”, ranging from micro to macro. “Iroha” is a cosmic clock! Sonney 
「いろは講 7」「コズミックサウンド」はミクロからマクロまで貫く宇宙カレンダーである。「コズミックワード」はそこににベクトルや形状として作用する。それぞれ「オト=音」と「コト
“Iroha Lecture 7” “Cosmic Sound” is a space calendar that extends from micro to macro. “Cosmic word” acts as a vector and shape there. “Oto = sound” and “Koto
= Things “. Sonney 
「いろは講 8」「いろは宇宙」は超流動にして超電導の場である。宇宙全体は超流動ヘリウムのような海に満たされており、電気抵抗はゼロである。「コトタマ」は時空を超越して瞬時に伝わる。神の目と耳! Sonney 
“Iroha lecture 8” “Iroha universe” is a field of superconductivity with superfluid. The entire universe is filled with sea like superfluid helium, and electric resistance is zero. “Kototama” transcends time and space and is instantaneously transmitted. God’s eyes and ears! Sonney 
「いろは講 9」大宇宙は絶対零度(0 K)=-273.15 ℃の巨大な海である。再度言うが、宇宙は超流動ヘリウムのような液体に満たされていて摩擦は無い。そこにはたらく波動は超光速の縦波であり音波と似ている。宇宙は音楽を奏でている。これが「いろは」の根本だ!
“Iroha Lecture 9” The universe is a huge ocean with absolute zero degree (0 K) = – 273.15 ° C. Again, the universe is filled with liquid like superfluid helium and there is no friction. The wave that works there is a super wave speed longitudinal wave and resembles sound waves. The universe plays music. This is the root of “Iroha”! 
「いろは講 10」「いろは」は「ひふみ」を内在している。「Cosmic Word」= 即ち神の言葉である。ここに宇宙の因が全てある。これに拠らず成立したものはない。物質化の因はここにあり、やがて宇宙物質はここに還元される。大いなる循環!Sonney 
“Iroha Lecture 10” “Iroha” has “Hifumi” inside. “Cosmic Word” = God’s Word. Here are all the causes of the universe. Nothing has been stablished without this. The cause of materialization is here, eventually cosmic material is reduced here. Great circulation! – Sonney

Sonney Mizuho Nice to meet you!
It is “Sonney @ Ahayasawa☆Manatakara
“AMNET – Japan @ Earth” will propose a new earth civilization!
Is it only me who feels more confused about the world and seems to have lost sight of the problem solving?
From 3.11 onwards in Japan, there are no signs that are quite bright.
Political, economic, industrial and other things started to deteriorate, including the deterioration of the global environment, and we were deadlocked, so we could only think of immediate things.
In this way Japan and the world are all round.
No, it is a situation where even the life itself is in danger of surviving.
We experienced the horrors of the earthquake and the tsunami.
We also have to prepare for further large earthquakes to come.
In addition, Japan is a volcanic country.
Eruptions of Mt. Fuji etc are also whispered.
Is it OK as it is now?
I am not an optimist, so I feel a sense of crisis very much.
Because I am in a position I must protect my family.
Everyone think that’s right.
Parents brothers, companions, children, and irreplaceable friends and people who are indebted ….
I am ready to dedicate my aftermath to protect nature and every life.
Because the magnetic poles of the sun begin to change and eventually reach the earth.
At that time, the reversal of geomagnetism may happen.
I can not affirm when I will come, but it may be tomorrow, it may be a hundred years later.
However, I think the biggest global life crisis is a 2036 asteroid closest approach.
It is predicted that NS poles will be replaced even by merely scraping the Earth’s atmosphere.
At that time the earth’s magnetic field will be weakening more and more by the influence of the sun.
In such a case it will be hard if the nuclear power plant is not a decommissioning furnace.
Whatever the worst ending, we need human beings and a wide variety of lives to remain.
The earth itself is the Noah’s ark.
In light of the above, I made up my mind to build this site.
Also, this is not only a problem in Japan but a major problem in the world.
In the future I would like to hold hands with people all over the world and find a clue for solution.
Let ‘s think about both together.
Time is limited.
It is only our behavior that we are no longer left.
Let’s overcome this great tribulation and try hard to see the earth civilization in the brilliant future come.
And for the children to be a wonderful future for the Earth!
I will dedicate this first paper to all those living and living things and replace it with “greeting”.
“Sonney @ Ahayasawa☆Manatakara

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t’s beautiful!

The cycle of 14 moons is the backbone of “Cosmic Sound”.

14 is called “Toyo” at Hinemoto.

“Toyo” refers to Mother God.